Game Length:


Matches will consist of two (2) halves, each lasting twenty (20) minutes.



- Unlimited player substitutions are allowed, with the referee's consent, during breaks in play for:

  a. Goal scored

  b. Goal kick

  c. Player injury

  d. Halftime, including extra time

  e. Start of extra time

Retreat Line:

- For U8 games, the retreat line is set at the halfway mark. This applies to goal kicks and after the goalkeeper makes a save.

Additional Rules:

1. Size 4 balls will be used for U8 games. Ensure proper size and inflation.

2. Utilize portable nets measuring 5x8.

3. Matches will be overseen by either a certified Ontario soccer referee or, in case of referee shortage, a coach or game leader. Coaches or game leaders should avoid entering the field except to assist injured players.

4. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players, including the goalkeeper.

5. Each game will last 2, 20 minute halves, game time total 40 minutes

6. Only registered players are permitted to participate in their appropriate age group.

7. Playing time should be equal for each player unless otherwise requested by the player or parent.

8. All players must wear shin pads. Soccer cleats are allowed. Full uniforms are required.

9. Retreat line rule: When the goalkeeper has possession, the opposing team must retreat to the halfway line. Play resumes when the goalkeeper's teammate touches the ball or when the ball crosses the retreat line. The Goaltender shall not drop kick the ball.

10. Goal kicks must be placed on the ground and kicked; drop kicks are not permitted.

11. Unlimited substitutions are allowed at all breaks in play.

12. If the ball goes out of bounds, possession goes to the opposing team. The ball is kicked in/ passed in.

13. For a comprehensive explanation of the "player development" station format utilized by the WNISL please see rules guidelines from Ontario Soccer.

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